Collaborator Initiatives

Collaborator Initiatives

Exhibition: UCA – Retrospective: Creativity past, present and future.

Jan 27th to 15th April 2023


The University for the Creative Arts (UCA), in Rochester, Kent, England, is closing in July 2023. An exhibition was held to acknowledge the work of staff and students, entitled UCA – Retrospective: Creativity past, present and future. Accepted for display at Rochester Arts Centre, 95 High Street, was a found poem, created by Bev Hayward. The text was gifted to her by the women of the Feminist Imaginary Research Group; they met at Edge Hill University in the summer of 2022 and their words and phrases are embroidered on calico with a handstitched border, the design of which is by Theo Harris. It explores imaginative ways, as artists – educators. For further information please contact:


Bev Hayward

Birkbeck College University of London