Visually illuminate. Aesthetically ‘dissonante. Satirically implicate. Theatrically expropriate. Creatively resonate. Imaginatively educate.

                                                                                                Clover, 2012, p. 87

This website showcases various feminist adult education and research projects we have been involved in over the past seven years in communities, museums, libraries and art galleries.

It includes past projects such as an evaluation of art gallery project (The Human Library); a creative project with homeless and street involved women (Warrior Women); and a study of how women adult educators in museums, art galleries and libraries understand and articulate their work.

We also showcase two new projects: A multi-media exhibition entitled Disobedient Women: Defiance, Resistance and Creativity Past and Present (2017); and the Feminist Museum Hack, an innovative methodological, analytical pedagogical and disruptive tool.