Visually illuminate. Aesthetically ‘dissonante. Satirically implicate. Theatrically expropriate. Creatively resonate. Imaginatively educate.

                                                                                                Clover, 2012, p. 87

Welcome to our feminist adult education and research website. For us, feminism is a disruptive, creative, and transformative force that provides what Ahmed (2006, p.3) calls “the strength to go on”; the strength to resist, to speak out and back, to renew and reframe, to risks, to (re)present, to (re)historicise, to (re)visualise and to (re)imagine this unjust, gendered world.

Despite suggestions that full gender equality has been reached, feminist and United Nations studies acknowledge that gender inequity and injustice are not only the most enduring inequalities of our time but they are also the most defining oppression of our time. As Vintges (2018) argues, “the powers that be are still predominantly male…the millennia old status hierarchy between men/male and women/female persists everywhere and patriarchal patterns of gender oppression remain more resilient than any of us suspected” (p. 165).

To borrow from feminist Solnit (2014, p. 10), we are faced today with a “failure of the imagination” as injustices not only persist but rise and as the planet, our very life support system, sits in catastrophic peril. Central to this failure has been to educate fully an alternative vision of the world, an alternative consciousness of how a decolonised, gender just and healthy world could look, feel, and function.

What we bring together through this website is our responses and attempts to contribute to the change we need. This website showcases our work over the past 15 years in aesthetic feminist adult education and research in communities, universities, libraries, mainstream and women’s and gender museums. It includes lists of past and current academic studies, publications, and conference presentations. The website also includes many of our creative outputs including videos, the Feminist Museum Hack, virtual and physical exhibitions, zines, guidebooks and more.