Agenda – Connections 2019

Feminists and feminisms in museums and art galleries: International knowledge exchange and engagement with common research issues

SSHRC Connections Workshop Schedule

Friday January 25, 2019 – Sunday January 27, 2019

Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea (National Museum of Contemporary Art, NMCA)


Date Time Location Activity
Jan. 24 6:15pm Hotel Mundial – meet in lobby Walk to NMCA for opening lecture and networking event 
  6:30-7:30pm Sala Polivalente (SP), National Museum of Contemporary Art (NMCA) Clover, Sanford, Taber, and Williamson – The feminist museum hack for gender justice: Critical, creative, and contextual applications 
Jan. 25 9:45am Hotel lobby Walk to NMCA
  10:00-10:45am Sala Polivalente (SP), NMCA Ferreira – Welcome to Portugal and NMCA
  10:45-11:15am SP, NMCA Taber, Clover, and Sanford – Introduction to workshop
  11:30-12:15pm SP, NMCA Ferreira, Monteiro, and Moreira – The invisibility cloak: Are museums and collections still veiling women artist’s work with disinterest and demeaning words
  12:30-1:45pm NMCA Group lunch (catered)



Schönweger, International Women’s Museum Association – Creative presentation  




SP, NMCA Formenti, Del Negro, and Luraschi – Unexpected audiences: Four paths for a dream of life


SP, NMCA Clover and Sanford – Fashioning women, defrocking patriarchy
  5:30-6:15pm SP, NMCA Merriweather – Racialized gendered literacy: A racial realist reading of museum space of the African American female
  6:30-7:15- SP, NMCA Williamson – Barbie Hack


Toma Lá Dá Cá Travessa do Sequeiro 38

Group dinner
Jan. 26 10:00-11:30am SP, NMCA Williamson – Exploring societal gender representation and (in)justice through visual and text-based collage enquiry in a gallery setting (including group activity)
  11:45am-12:30pm SP, NMCA Taber – Military heritage sites: Women’s war work, castles, and fortresses 


TBA Group lunch (catered)
  2:30-3:15pm SP, NMCA Thivierge – Canadian women in STEM: A history  
  3:30-4:15pm SP, NMCA Grover – Decolonizing discourses on Niagara Falls: An analysis of feminist praxis in the exhibit 1779
  4:30-5:15pm SP, NMCA Henehan and Voelkel – Infinitely obscure lives: Invisibility of women in a U.S. historic site
  5:30-6:15pm SP, NMCA Johnson – Beneath the invisibility cloak


TBA Time to explore 
  7:30pm onwards Leão d’Ouro

Rua 1 de Dezembro 105

Group dinner
Jan. 27 10:00-1:00pm i.e. Casa da Cera, Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga, Fundação Arpad Szenes Vieira da Silva All – Museum interventions, methodologies, pedagogies: Museum visits

Choose your own museum/gallery

  1:15am-2:45pm NMCA Group lunch (catered) and debrief from museum visits
  3:00-4:30pm SP, NMCA Schönweger – Global feminist museum hack
  4:30-5:15pm SP, NMCA All – Mapping out research dissemination, future grants, and closing
  5:15pm onwards   Dinner on our own
Jan. 28     Travel home


For a detailed description of the conference workshops and activities, click here to see the SSHRC Final Report.