We are a third of the way through the term! Yay!


All of you (we have heard from) are working hard and getting into the full swing of midterms, assignments, projects, etc. Even though we’re all at home, we are not alone in this. We are all studying, doing our best, some of us stressed or burnt out. We’re making it through, and however we do that is fine. It’s hard to remember that you’re not the only one working hard, struggling with something, when we can’t see many of our classmates.

On that note, we are continuing to hold mentorship check-in sessions, and casual AWM hangout meetings (one every two weeks) and our next mentorship session is coming up this Friday Feb 26th at 4pm. :) Our goal at these sessions is to create a space where womxn can see one another and envision themselves succeeding.

Please remember that these sessions are not mandatory. It’s totally fine to either show up for 5 minutes, or for 2 hours. These meetings are simply there to help connect you with others, NOT to add stress and pressure to your life. So please come if you can, and if it’s not something that will support you this week then don’t worry about it in the least! Taking care of yourself is always the highest priority.


Elena and Alex


p.s. Please enjoy this lovely zoom mural created at our first mentorship session :)