We’ve put together a collection of resources to make your life in the UVic math department easier.

First, for non-math-related problems such as mental illness, finances, housing, violence, etc., check out this resource hub from the UVSS.

Below you will find resources dedicated specifically to your math life.

Registration Issues

Do you need a prerequisite override to register for a course? Do you need to complain that two math courses, both of which you need, are offered at the same time? Are you lost in a sea of degree requirements, prerequisites, decisions, and stress, and feeling the need for adult supervision?

Do you have questions more specific to your math path, such as, what courses should I even take? Are you a transfer student struggling to figure out how courses from your past compare to UVic courses?

  • Our math and stats advisors include Chris Eagle (1st and 2nd year math), Jill Simmons (1st and 2nd year math), Chris Bose (honours math), Junling Ma (applied math), Julie Zhou (stats). Find their contact info near the bottom of this page, under the green “academic advisors” tab.
  • Also check out the academic calendar, which provides a brief description of every course currently offered at UVic.

Do you have questions about your degree that are broader than math? Do you need to declare or change your program? Do you need to check in on your degree progress, discuss whether your spontaneous idea for a double major is actually a viable option, or take courses at another school?

Do you need to drop a course extremely late in the term due to special circumstances?


Are you having trouble with a 100- or 200-level math or stats course?

  • Visit the Math and Stats Assistance Centre. They are operating both in person and through Microsoft Teams this semester. You can join their channel using the code x7wtach in your Teams app.

“I lived there for the entire first two years of my degree!” -Alex Deane

Are you writing a report? Giving a presentation? Having trouble keeping up with reading?

Are you interested in trying undergraduate research?


Do you need to appeal a decision made by university staff? Have you been accused of cheating? Are you in a situation that requires mediation?

  • The Office of the Ombudsperson is an impartial, confidential third party. They can facilitate communication between you and a professor, investigate sketchy business, help you with appeals, help you raise a complaint, and more.


Are you running out of time on every test, despite studying nonstop? Are you missing classes because you feel sick all the time? Are you unable to focus due to depression, anxiety, or ADHD?

  • You may be entitled to accommodations. The Center for Accessible Learning can provide you with extended time on tests and/or assignments, alternate (quiet!) exam locations, notetakers, unlimited bathroom breaks – nearly any accommodations you need. If medically necessary, they can even give you permission to take a part-time course load, and still be considered full-time for purposes of financial aid, housing, student visas, and more.
  • Do not wait until your fourth year to discover this magical place. Do not “wait and see” if you can get through school the hard way. Do not treat this like an optional homework question from the back of the book. Do not write letters to the senate every term asking to keep your scholarship despite your reduced course load – register here instead!

Are you paying for counselling, medical supplies, dental care, prescription drugs, etc.?


If there are other resources you’d like to see on this list, please contact our amazing Undergraduate Student Member-At-Large who put this together, Blaine Larson, by sending us an email. We would love to hear from you! :)