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Better Food Foundation
“The Better Food Foundation promotes dietary changes to build a healthy, equitable, humane, and environmentally sustainable food system. We work to support values-based food choices through policy change, advocacy, resource development, and grantmaking.”
Default Veg
“DefaultVeg is simple—make plant-based food the default and give people the choice to opt in for meals with animal products. DefaultVeg is inclusive, reduces your carbon footprint, and increases the healthfulness of your meals.”
Eat for the Planet
“Eat For The Planet is the leading podcast covering the plant-based food industry and the people, ideas, and technologies shaping the future of food.”
Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine
“The Physicians Committee is dedicated to saving and improving human and animal lives through plant-based diets and ethical and effective scientific research.”
Peas Please:
Food Foundation (UK)
Plant Protein Innovation Center
University of Minnesota
United Nations University United Nations University
Global initiative to pledge to try a vegan diet for the month of January. “Since 2014, Veganuary has inspired and supported close to one million people in 192 countries to try vegan for January.” In 2020 alone, more than 600 brands, restaurants and supermarkets pledged.



From “Eat less meat: UN climate-change report calls for change to human diet,”, Aug. 8, 2019.

Efforts to curb greenhouse-gas emissions and the impacts of global warming will fall significantly short without drastic changes in global land use, agriculture and human diets, leading researchers warn in a high-level report commissioned by the United Nations. The special report on climate change and land by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) describes plant-based diets as a major opportunity for mitigating and adapting to climate change ― and includes a policy recommendation to reduce meat consumption.

Examples of 110 global organizations who have adopted animal-friendly food policies, with word-crafting for conference planning and promotional materials (compiled by the Food for Thought campaign).

Humane Society International Canada (V)
HSI/Canada supporters care deeply about the welfare of all animals. As such, our policy is that all HSI/Canada-funded events, functions, or gatherings where food is made available are free of animal products.

Center for Animal Protection and Education (V)
“The Center for Animal Protection and Education (CAPE) extends the concept of compassion to all living beings. Therefore, we have a policy that only vegan food is provided at our events.”
Compassion Over Killing (V)
“One of the best ways we can express our compassion for all animals is to simply choose to leave them off our plates.”
Ethical global travel guide: A Practical Guide to Travelling as a Vegan 

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