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Patricia Sims, Filmmaker and Conservationist

Patricia Sims has produced award-winning documentaries around the world from the Arctic to the tropics, focusing on nature and conservation education, and the interrelationships between humans and animals.  She has collaborated with some of the world’s leading conservation celebrities, scientists, and explorers with a specialization in wildlife and oceanographic productions.

Born and raised in Toronto, Patricia is a B.A.A. graduate of the Radio and Television Arts, Film & Photography programs at the Ryerson Polytechnical Institute.  Well-traveled in over twenty countries, she has written, directed and produced documentaries for international television networks, non-profit organizations, and the United Nations University. Two of her award-winning documentaries about the plight of endangered Asian elephants, Return to the Forest and When Elephants Were Young, reached viewers in 60 countries.

Patricia is also the Founder of the annual World Elephant Day, a global awareness campaign that brings attention to the critical threats facing elephants. It is supported by over 100 wildlife organizations, with participants from over 50 countries.

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