2023-2024 AGES Executive Committee

AGES Executive Committee 2023-2024

Dr. Catherine McGregor, AGES Executive Director

Serap Asar Brown, AGES Coordinator
Association of Graduate Education Students (AGES) committee practices decolonial, inclusive, community-based approaches. We aim to support graduate students in having good personal and academic experiences throughout their studies.

We look forward to receiving you email addressed to ages@uvic.ca for any inquiries, needs, workshop ideas, orientation, or the annual conference! Have a wonderful academic year –and stay connected!

Leonard Misana, Committee Member
I am a second-year PhD student in  Curriculum and Instruction, Faculty of Education. Born and raised in Tanzania, I worked as an Assistant Lecturer at the Dar es Salaam University  College of Education from 2018 to 2022 where I taught curriculum and  Language/Literature Education courses. I moved to Victoria for my doctoral studies in January, 2022. My research interest is on how parents are involved in the learning of their pre-primary school children. In my doctoral project, I am particularly interested in understanding parental involvement in its fluidity and within the cultural diversity and social structures (extended family) in the African context. I attended the  AGES conference in 2023 when I made connections with friends and colleauges and wondered how I could get more involved in this work.  Currently, I am on the AGES Executive Committee and happy to learn and share the experiences of organizing various events for our Faculty of Education graduate students, including the AGES Connections Conference 2024. My favourite part of being involved with AGES is actually the opportunity of meeting, interacting and collaborating with graduate students across our faculty.

Aleks Waliszewska, Committee Member
I am an educator, parent and graduate student in the Department of Curriculum & Instruction pursuing a master’s degree. My thesis focuses on more-than-human literacies in an elementary outdoor program. I have learned from and taught in Gwich’in, Nuxalk, independent school, and public school communities. In addition to joining the AGES executive committee, I am a Graduate Student Society co-rep for Curriculum & Instruction, and a member of the Climate Education Fellowship Program.

Shara Dionaldo, Committee Member