I have taught courses primarily at the upper-level undergraduate and graduate level. My teaching interests range from social movements, political economy/ecology, social justice studies, ideology and society, corporate capitalism and critical research strategies to social theory, including Cultural, Social and Political Thought (CSPT). In the summer of 2003 I was Visiting Professor at Carleton University’s Institute of Political Economy, where I taught graduate seminars on globalization and the formation of transnational classes and on neo-Gramscian themes in political economy. In 2004 I published Critical Strategies for Social Research, with Canadian Scholars’ Press, which developed out of the course on power, knowledge and social justice, which I have taught since it was introduced as part of UVic Sociology’s curriculum in 2001/2002. In 2007-2008 I helped develop the interdisciplinary program in Social Justice Studies. I directed the program from 2008 to 2012, and developed and taught several core courses. I have also been active in UVic’s UNI 102, a non-credit, interdisciplinary course in social science offered free to students who otherwise experience barriers to studying at university (2007 to present). In the fall of 2017 I taught a month-long section of UNI 201 on the theme Corporate Capitalism. In the summer of 2018 I offered a course on The Global Corporate Elite and its Opposition at the Summer School in Global and Transnational Sociology at the University of Duisburg-Essen, where I was Visiting Professor.

Graduate Courses Taught

CSPT 500 (Cultural, Social and Political Thought)
SOCI 500 (Problems in Sociological Theory)
SOCI 520 (Issues in Contemporary Sociology)
SOCI 511 (Research Design)
SOCI 535 (Political Sociology)
SOCI 535 (Ecology, Global Sociology and Social Movements)
SOCI 550 (Inequality and Social Change)
SOCI 555 (Globalization)
SOCI 556 (Social Inequality)

Undergraduate Courses Taught

SJS 100 (Theories of Social Justice)
SOCI 100 (Introduction to Sociology)
SOCI 200 (Canadian Society)
SOCI 303 (Canadian Society and Political Economy)
SOCI 311 (Ideology and Society)
SOCI 316 (Social Movements)
SOCI 355 (Corporations and Society)
SOCI 373 (Power, Knowledge and Social Justice)
SOCI 375 (Research Methods)

SJS 400B (Practicum in Social Justice Studies)
SOCI 402 (Problems in Contemporary Theory)
SOCI 417 (Modernization and Development)
SOCI 418 (Social Change)
SOCI 436 (Issues in Sociology and Social Justice)
SOCI 437 (Issues in Environmental Sociology)
SOCI 438 (Issues in Contemporary Sociology)
SOCI 450 (Sociology and Social Justice)