Transnational Alternative Policy Groups and Global Civil Society

This project was begun in 2011, as a participatory-research initiative, funded by Canada’s Social Science and Humanities Research Council. Its objective is to research a number of key groups that are involved in the production and mobilization of alternative knowledge, as a resource for progressive social movements.  The research is intended to be of value not only to social scientists but to practitioners, advocates and activists within global civil society. Here, you can learn more about the participating groups and also read some of the publications from the study. For a very brief glimpse of the project, click here.

Participating groups

Transnational Institute
Rosa Luxemburg Foundation
Participatory Research in Asia
ITeM/Social Watch
International Forum on Globalization

People’s Plan Study Group
Centre de Recherche et d’information pour le Développement
Focus on the Global South
Centre for Civil Society
Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era

Publications and reports

Report to Participants (January 2014)
Modes of Cognitive Praxis in Transnational Alternative Policy Groups (2015)
Alternative Policy Groups and Transnational Counter-hegemonic Struggle (2014)
Embedding Post-capitalist Alternatives? (2013)
Networks of Cognitive Praxis: Transnational Class Formation from Below? (2013)
A glimpse of the project