Doctoral Dissertations

Alexandra N. Fisher, PhD (2020)

  • PhD Dissertation: “All the lonely people: A belongingness perspective on the stigmatization and well-being of single people.”

Research published in: Fisher, A.N., Stinson, D.A., Wood, J.V., Holmes, J.G., & Cameron, J.J. (2021). Singlehood and attunement of self-esteem to friendships. Social Psychological and Personality Science. [Download]

Eric T. Huang, PhD (2016)

  • Dissertation: “Self-esteem and the relation between arousal and relationship-initiation motivation.”

Research published in: Stinson, D.A., Hoplock, L.B., & Huang, E.T. (2021). The tell-tale heart: Self-esteem, arousal, and relationship initiation. Self and Identity. [Download]

Lisa B. Hoplock, PhD (2016)

  • Dissertation: ‘Will she say yes? A content analysis of accepted and rejected marriage proposals.”

Research published in: Hoplock, L.B. & Stinson, D.A. (2021). Rules of engagement: A content analysis of accepted and rejected marriage proposals. Journal of Family Psychology. [Download]

Masters Theses

Erin Lowey, MSc (2022)

  • Thesis: “Friends-first relationship initiation.”

Elysia Desgrosseilliers, MSc (2022)

  • Thesis: “No barriers for trailblazers? Empowerment messaging increases women’s burden and blame for gender inequality in the Canadian Armed Forces.”

Research published in: Desgrosseilliers, E. & Stinson, D.A. (in press). Burdened and blamed: Empowerment messaging increases attributions of women’s responsibility for gender inequality in the Canadian Armed Forces. Canadian Journal of Behavioral Science/Revue canadienne des sciences du comportement. [Download]

Anastasja Kalajdzic, MSc (2020)

  • Thesis: “A qualitative analysis of female breadwinner representations in the media.”

MacKenzie Robertson, MSc (2019)

  • Thesis: “Dieting also starves romantic relationships: The association between dieting and romantic relationship quality.”

Alexandra N. Fisher, MSc (2015)

  • MSc thesis: “For richer or for poorer: How financial resources affect women’s mate value.”

Research published in: Fisher, A.N. & Stinson, D.A. (2020). Ambivalent attraction: Beauty determines whether men romantically desire or dismiss high-status women. Personality and Individual Differences, 154.  [Download]

Theresa H. He, MSc (2015)

  • Thesis: “The art of persuasion: Self-esteem, message framing, and the persuasiveness of prosocial messages.”

Eric T. Huang, MSc (2013)

  • Thesis: “The tell-tale heart: Self-esteem and physiological responses to social feedback.”

Chantele Joordens, MSc (2013)

  • Thesis: “Does perceived mismatch in attractiveness between members of a romantic couple activate mating-motivated perception?”

Research published in: Hoplock, L.B., Stinson, D.A., & Joordens, C.T. (2019). “Is she really going out with him?”: Attractiveness exchange and commitment scripts for romantic relationships. Personality and Individual Differences, 139, 181-190[Download]

Lisa B. Hoplock, MSc (2012)

  • Thesis: “Verifying relational value: The moderating role of self-esteem in seeking self-verifying feedback.”

Research published in: Hoplock, L.B., Stinson, D.A., Marigold, D.C., & Fisher, A.N. (2019). Self-Esteem, epistemic needs, and responses to social feedback. Self and Identity, 18, 467-493. [Download]

Honours Theses

Hannah Dupuis, Honours BA (2021)

  • Honours Thesis: “Examining the Role of Gender Role Stress and Self-Esteem in the Unequal Division of Domestic”

Elysia Desgrosseilliers, Honours BA (2020)

  • Thesis: “Female empowerment messaging and perceptions of gender inequality
    in the Canadian Armed Forces.”

Anna MacIntosh, Honours BA (2019).

  • Thesis: “Examining perceptions of costs and benefits in female breadwinner relationships.”

Ella Huber, Honours BA (2018)

  • Thesis: “Testing a self-and-social bonds model of health for individuals recovering from alcohol and substance use concerns.”

Leah Robbins, Honours BA (2013)

  • Thesis: “Who likes Angelina Jolie? Effects of self-esteem and relationship threat on acceptance of mate poaching.”

Brandon St. Pierre, Honours BSc (2011)

  • Thesis: “Can a compliment tire you out? Self-esteem and reactions to social feedback.”