Assist with Research

The SWELL lab’s team of highly-dedicated undergraduate research assistants (RAs) plays an essential role in conducting our research. Most of our RAs learn about our work by taking a class with Dr. Stinson, but others hear about our work through word-of-mouth or by reading this website. RAs have usually completed their first two years of University coursework, and they are often Psychology majors. Some students work with our lab on a single project for a few weeks, whereas others work in our lab on multiple projects spanning two or more years.

What Do Research Assistants Do?

  • Collect survey data from participants
  • Code video, audio, and text
  • Enter data into spreadsheets
  • Help organize and co-ordinate studies

Why Become a Research Assistant?

  • Learn about research and graduate school
  • Get reference letters from professors
  • Gain valuable research experience
  • Make departmental contacts

What are Characteristics of a Good Research Assistant?

  • Interested in our research in social psychology
  • Reliable, motivated, conscientious, flexible
  • Good time management

Are there Any Open Positions for Research Assistants Right Now?

As of May 2024 we do not have any open positions for graduate students in our lab. When we do have open positions we will indicate that here!

If we have open RA positions and you would like to apply to work as an RA in the SWELL lab, please email the following information to

  1. A  brief cover letter explaining why you would like to work in the SWELL lab — a few paragraphs is long enough. Your letter should also include:
    • your full name and V-number
    • your email address
    • your intended major
    • your cumulative GPA
    • your typical availability during the week (i.e., “I am usually free in the afternoons” etc) and how many hours per week you would ideally like to work
    • whether you have taken any classes with Dr. Stinson, and if you have, a clear photo to help her remember you
  2. Your Resume
  3. Your unofficial UVic transcript