Assist with Research

The SWELL lab’s team of highly-dedicated undergraduate research assistants (RAs) plays an essential role in conducting our research. Most of our RAs learn about our work by taking a class with Dr. Stinson, but others hear about our work through word-of-mouth or by reading this website. RAs have usually completed their first two years of University coursework, and they are often Psychology majors. Some students work with our lab on a single project for a few weeks, whereas others work in our lab on multiple projects spanning two or more years.

What Do Research Assistants Do?

  • Collect survey data from participants
  • Code video, audio, and text
  • Enter data into spreadsheets
  • Help organize and co-ordinate studies

Why Become a Research Assistant?

  • Learn about research and graduate school
  • Get reference letters from professors
  • Gain valuable research experience
  • Make departmental contacts

What are Characteristics of a Good Research Assistant?

  • Interested in our research in social psychology
  • Reliable, motivated, conscientious, flexible
  • Good time management

If you would like to apply to work as an RA in the SWELL lab, please email the following information to

  1. A  brief cover letter explaining why you would like to work in the SWELL lab — a few paragraphs is long enough. Your letter should also include:
    • your full name and V-number
    • your email address
    • your intended major
    • your cumulative GPA
    • your typical availability during the week (i.e., “I am usually free in the afternoons” etc) and how many hours per week you would ideally like to work
    • whether you have taken any classes with Dr. Stinson, and if you have, a clear photo to help her remember you
  2. Your Resume
  3. Your unofficial UVic transcript