What does this research study involve?

  • The study will span 48 weeks, and includes one virtual pre-screening interview with the research study Coordinator, one virtual support meeting with a member of the research team to help participants become familiar with the questionnaires, and 8 independent questionnaire sessions.
  • The questionnaire sessions are comprised of one 40-minute online questionnaire that includes using a smell test kit (mailed to participants from the Risky Behaviour Lab). Also, participants will be asked to recall what they ate in the past 24 hours on 9 seperate occasions. Participants will be offered a small honorarium. The amount will vary based on the amount of questionnaires completed, with a maximum of $135 USD ($180 CAD)!

Who can participate in this research study?


The criteria to participate in our research study are as follows:

● Have experienced a sudden loss of smell within the past 2 years
⁃ Without a prior diagnosis of a smell disorder
● Be between the ages of 19 and 60
● Be living in either Canada or the USA
● Are not pregnant
● Have access to a computer and internet
● Speak fluent English

How can I join this research study as a participant?


If you are interested in participating in our research study, please express fill out the form below by answering the following question:

● Why are you interested in participating?

Our research team will respond promptly, thank you!

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