Iftar (July10th)

Asalamu alaikum all,

Thanks to everyone joined us in our iftar yesterday at Clearihue Building. We hope everyone had a great time as we did. The event pictures will be posted on our Facebook page. 

We are open to receiving regular comments and feedback to help us improve our events and activities. We invite you to submit your feedback on yesterday’s event by visiting the following link:


General comments, feedback, and suggestions unrelated to a specific MSA event can also be made on the form.

Gaza Donation:

Also we want to give a big thank you to all of you who donated to Gaza last night. AlhamduilAllah we raised $110.55 and details about sending the money to The Islamic Relief will be shared soon inshAllah. For those who weren’t able to donated yesterday, you still can go to the Islamic Relief website and donate online if you want.

Jazakum Allah khair

MSA Uvic team

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