SDR Earth Imager

Prof. Peter Driessen, University of Victoria,, 250-721-8688

The software defined radio (SDR) Earth Imager is a unique device now being researched and developed at UVic and the Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory (DRAO), Penticton, BC in collaboration with a local international company, Forest Technology Services (FTS). The SDR Earth Imager has recently been proven to be able to image Earth disturbing events using radio waves reflected from Earth’s ionization layers. It promises to be able to measure the power, energy, location and direction of movement of Earth disturbing events such as earthquakes, large storms, lightning strikes, forest fires, etc., as well as, monitor Earth’s climate change and better predict daily weather by measuring and monitoring the 3D temperature, pressure and composition of Earth’s atmosphere. Three devices could monitor British Columbia and 10 devices could monitor Canada. Its impacts are many as it will provide a better understanding of Earth.