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Like many White people, I am working to improve my understanding of racism. Here is a document, written by UVic Psychology faculty Cathy Costigan, Danu Stinson, Louise Chim, and Erica Woodin, affirming the value of Black lives, decrying racism and police brutality, and (most important) recommending specific actions and providing links to resources for those wishing to walk the walk.

My slides from CSBBCS 2024 talk on transparency and reproducibility.

Lab Manual

A Graduate Seminar Built Around a Replication  CABSSem 15 May 202 Building a Grad Sem Around Conducting a Relication. Brief summary of a spring 2020 PSYC 576A course at UVic in which the class worked together to select a recent memory finding and attempt to replicate it.

Peer Review Guidelines Promoting Replicability and Transparency in Psychological Science  Preprint version of an article grew out of a hackathon at the the 2017 meeting of the Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science.

My slides Working with Psychology Journal Editors:Tips for Students and Early-career Authors and Reviewers

Chapter with David Mellor and Simine Vazire on Writing Transparent Research Reports.

My tips on applying to graduate school in psychology.

My document outlining goals for academia-bound graduate students.

Prof. Dan Gilbert’s advice on giving a good talk.

Advice on asking questions at talks (co-authored with Ira Hyman).

Tips for Talks from Steve Lindsay and Ira Hyman

PSYCHGRAD website, offering a wealth of information for students considering or undertaking graduate studies in psychology.

VassarStats Website for Statistical Computation.

Geoff Cumming is an Australian statistician.  He has written an excellent book titled Understanding the New Statistics:  Effect Sizes, Confidence Intervals, and Meta-Analysis.  He has also created and gives away for free ESCI, an amazing suite of Excel files designed to help communicate statistical concepts and to be used to do very handy things such as compute confidence intervals around values of r.  Highly recommended.

TIPS for SIPS 2022 in Victoria, B.C.

Sleep-inducing tricks.

Kantner and Lindsay 2014 Canadian Category Norms

PDF version of slides from my talk on The Credibility Revolution in the Life Sciences Part 1 and Part 2.

A link to my workshop “Steps, Tools and Resources for Promoting Transparency and Replicability in Psychology”

Plea to Professional Societies that Publish Psychology Journals