New Display at the Law Library

As of February 2024, there is a new display at the Law Library! On the left side upon entry, visitors will be able to view this year’s new showcase of Victoria’s very own “Raging Grannies”. The display showcases the background, history, and accomplishments of the Raging Grannies nationwide, as well as includes artifacts from the University of Victoria’s Archival Collection.

Rooted in the desire to create a better world for future generations, the Raging Grannies simultaneously challenge and use the stereotype of old age. Composed of anthropologists, teachers, business women, artists, homemakers, and librarians, the Raging Grannies were initially initiated through the collective concern over the nuclear reactors and their potential environmental and health impacts. The group quickly expanded to protests against sexism and ageism, then to a broader array of social and political issues such as homelessness, climate change, and LGBTQ+ rights.

The Raging Grannies fearlessly tackle injustice through non-violent and peaceful protesting.  Their mode of protests are uniquely creative and humorous. Their most iconic method is crashing political events by singing satirical lyrics set to classic tunes such as lullabies and nursery rhymes. They also show up dressed in wildly stereotypical “grandma” outfits, often donning colourful and flamboyant hats and shawls. For one of their first actions in 1987, they protested uranium mining at the BC legislature by bringing a laundry basket full of women’s underwear that contained “briefs”. This whimsical gesture not only symbolised women’s work but also to offer a lighthearted critique to the typically formal and often pompous nature of such hearings.

The Grannies are still going strong today and have currently expanded to over 60 groups (or “gaggles” as they call them) across Canada and the United States. For more information, feel free to visit for a list of Raging Grannies websites and pages!

The Law Library would like to thank work study student Youbin Seo for creating this new display and writing this post!

Zotero for Law video and guide update

The Zotero for Law research guide has been updated to include a “Zotero for Law” video, which walks through the basics of Zotero, including tips and tricks for capturing cases and legislation correctly.

The sections of the guide have also been updated to include step-by-step instructions for cases and legislation, pinpoint citations and troubleshooting in Zotero.



Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays from all of us at the law library!

Study space and research help closes on December 23, 2023.

Check our website for updated hours and any changes or closures made by weather impacts.

See you in the new year – we open again on January 2, 2024.

Well wishes and library exam period reminders

Happy holidays from the law library

The Law Library would like to wish all students good luck on their exams!

With the exam period upon us, we wish to ensure we offer all law students the support and study environment that is needed at this time. We alert all library users to the following updates and reminders.

Details of the Law Library hours can be found here.

Room bookings

Starting December 7th all group study rooms will be reserved for law student use only.

During this period group study rooms may be booked at the loan desk.

Research and citation help

Research and citation help is available. Drop-by librarian offices or contact us by e-mail or make an appointment.

Other supports

Remember that Amicus Team support remains available to law students throughout the year and that the law library’s respite room is available in case you need a quick cat nap – just ask for the key at the front desk.

Switch up your study location and take advantage of the law library’s natural light and standing workstations.

Other study spaces on campus

Fraser Building study space during building hours:

    • FRA 142: Quiet study
    • FRA 152: Group work/collaborative study
    • FRA 157: Quiet study
    • FRA 158: 1L study zone

Mearns-McPherson Library will be offering extended hours during the exam period. Starting December 6th you can stay until midnight! See hours & location.

In addition, the campus has multiple computer labs offering bookable project rooms and group work tables.

For more information about studying supports and services visit

Repairing our Relationship with Rivers: Water Law and Legal Personhood presentation

On behalf of the UVic Graduate Student Law & Society Research Group:

Part of the Personhood Series:

 Date: Monday December 11th at 12:30 PST over Zoom.

Title: Repairing our Relationship with Rivers: Water Law and Legal Personhood

Presenter: Professor Erin O’Donnell (University of Melbourne Law School)

Description: Since 2017, rivers around the world have experienced a profound transformation in law: they have become legal persons, legal subjects, living persons, and/or living entities. This alchemical transfiguration from legal object to legal subject renders the river uniquely visible, and legible, to the law in ways it has not been before, and often brings with it new legal rights and powers. In this presentation, I ask what this transformation means for water law, and what the implications are for established water law frameworks. To date, the impact on water law has been relatively minor: new river persons have never yet received any legal rights to the water flowing between their banks. But their existence challenges the foundational assumption of Western water law: that water is merely a resource, capable of exploitation for human consumption. These new river entities demonstrate the power of law as a mode of repair, and create an opportunity to repair and restore our relationship with rivers. So far, water law has maintained its distance from this emerging transnational concept, but this position is becoming increasingly untenable. When a river is a living entity, or a legal person, the question for all water scholars and practitioners becomes: what does it mean to be in good relations with the river?

Bio: Dr Erin O’Donnell is a Senior Lecturer and ARC Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne Law School. She is a water law and policy expert, recognized internationally for her research into the ground-breaking new field of legal rights for rivers. Her work explores the challenges and opportunities these new rights create for protecting the multiple social, cultural and natural values of rivers. Her work is informed by comparative analysis across Australia, Aotearoa New Zealand, the USA, Bangladesh, India, Colombia, and Chile. Since 2018, Erin has been a member of the Birrarung Council, the voice of the Yarra River in Melbourne. In 2023, Erin commenced an ARC-funded research fellowship to explore the opportunity of treaty to address aqua nullius, increase Traditional Owner power and resources in water, and create more sustainable and legitimate settler state water laws. Erin’s latest book, Legal Rights for Rivers: Competition, Collaboration, and Water Governance, is available now from Routledge.


Meeting ID: 852 3060 8035

Password: 479621

Contact: &


Quickscribe Workshop

Join Mike Pasta, owner of Quickscribe, for a virtual training session on Tuesday November 21st at 12:30.  Quickscribe is considered the go-to-source for legislation in BC and includes access to laws that are routinely updated weeks, often months before any other source, including BCLaws/CanLII. QS Online makes it easier for legal professionals to navigate, research, interpret and track annotated legislation.

You will learn to:

  • Access this resource from on and off campus
  • View Hansard snippets that provide clarity on statutory intent – directly from the section level
  • Access laws that are updated weeks before any other source
  • Print, sections, parts, or entire annotated laws with ease – ideal for study purposes
  • Receive timely notification of new Bills, Orders or Hansard based on key words or subject matter of your choosing
  • Benefit from Supplemental Notes that provide insight on the “how” and “why” a section came to be
  • View annotations contributed by some of the most respected legal professionals in BC

To register visit:

Westlaw Edge Training

Westlaw Edge is a powerful product gives you access to regularly updated case law and statutes, complete with the exclusive KeyCite citation service, and includes secondary sources, expertly written forms, legal memos, newsletters, journals, and practice tools.

Join Allison Bale for a virtual training session over Zoom, on Wednesday, October 4th at 12:30pm to highlight what Westlaw Edge has to offer and to share tips and tricks for effective searching.

For more information and to register, go to:

Lexis+ Training

Enhance your law school studies with Lexis+ Canada, a leading online legal research service for cases, legislation, secondary materials, and more.  Angeline Han, a former UVic law grad, will be coming to campus on Monday, Sept. 25, 12:30pm to highlight what Lexis+ has to offer and to share tips and tricks for effective searching.

For more information and to register visit: