Exam Period at the Law Library: Study Spaces and Research Help

The Law Library would like to wish all students good luck on their exams!

With the exam period upon us, we wish to ensure we offer all law students the support and study environment that is needed at this time. We alert all library users to the following updates and reminders.

Details of the Law Library hours can be found here.

Room bookings

Starting April 11th all Law Library group study rooms will be reserved for law student use only.

During this period group study rooms may be booked at the loan desk.

Research and citation help

Research and citation help is available. Drop-by librarian offices or contact us by e-mail. To book an appointment with a law librarian visit: https://libcal.uvic.ca/appointments/ResearchHelp?g=5279

Other supports

Remember that Amicus Team support remains available to law students throughout the year and that the law library’s respite room is available in case you need a quick cat nap – just ask for the key at the front desk.

Switch up your study location and take advantage of the law library’s natural light and standing workstations.

Other study spaces on campus

Mearns-McPherson Library will be offering extended hours during the exam period. You can stay until midnight! See hours & location.

In addition, the campus has multiple computer labs offering bookable project rooms and group work tables.

For more information about studying supports and services visit https://www.uvic.ca/students/academics/final-exams/study-supports/