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Policy Report for IETM (International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts) on the potential utility of the European Semester for freelance artists and cultural sector workers: https://www.ietm.org/en/resources/reports/european-semester-as-a-tool-to-improve-working-conditions-in-cultural-and

Book chapter: Verdun, Amy and Vanhercke, Bart (2022). “Are (some) social players entering European recovery through the Semester back door?” in Social Policy in the European Union: the state of play 2021. Re-emerging social ambitions as the EU recovers from the pandemic. Edited by Bart Vanhercke and Slavina Spasova (in English and in French), chapter 5, pp. 103-126.

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European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) Working Paper 2021.13: “From the European Semester to the Recovery and Resilience Facility: Some social actors are (not) resurfacing.” Bart Vanhercke and Amy Verdun, with Angelina Atanasova, Slavina Spasova, and Malcolm Thomson. Link for pdf here.


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(This Special Issue of JEI also contains the published versions of the working papers that were presented and discussed at the Leiden University workshop in the Netherlands in November 2018).

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