NOWCAM 2024 UVic:  Program

Kick-off evening of Thursday 2 May; main conference 3 and 4 May; click “upcoming meeting” for further info. 

Where Research Meets Revelry

NOWCAM Northwest

Cognition & Memory

An annual conference uniting psychology departments In the 

 Pacific Northwest to Share research in cognition and memory

NOWCAM Mission Statement


The Pacific Northwest is home to numerous Psychology departments with strengths in cognition and memory. The aim of NOWCAM is to support Pacific Northwest faculty and student researchers working in the general area of memory and cognition by creating an annual venue in which they can share their current research activities with an informed, sympathetic, and good-humoured group of fellow explorers. Inclusive, kind, and intellectually stimulating.  Interactions with other researchers can spark innovations and cross-fertilizations that move the research forward in new and exciting ways. In any case, it’s good fun to get together with friends and colleagues who share similar interests, chew the cognitive rag a bit, and quaff a beverage or two over a good meal. 

With the exception of a keynote address, NOWCAM papers and posters are presented by undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral students (usually with faculty as co-authors). This gives students an opportunity to develop their chops, and faculty a chance to sit back and relax.

Registration for 2024 is $30 for students, $60 for faculty. For now, just pre-register by clicking “Upcoming Meeting” in the upper right; we will invite payment a bit closer to the date. The submission portal is also open (deadline 12 April 2024). Use the “Upcoming Meeting” drop-down.

NOWCAM will kick off with an optional social gathering at CRAFT Beer Market starting around 6 (or whenever) on Thursday 2 May. There will be a schedule of talks and posters all day Friday and part of the day Saturday. Usually each talk is 15 minutes (but a slightly different limit may be set depending on other scheduling considerations; details soon). The program will be posted 23 April 2024.. 

Scroll down for further info and resources.

Steve Lindsay et alia present NOWCAM 2024

NOWCAM 2024 will be hosted at the University of Victoria in BC’s beautiful capital city

Peggy St. Jacques from the University of Alberta will be the keynote speaker for NOWCAM 2024

NOWCAM Resources


Mike Caulfield’s keynote address on how people can get better at the assessment of the accuracy/reliability of claims on social media.

SIFT Workshop

Mike Caulfield’s SIFT workshop from NOWCAM 2023 for practical demonstrations.

SIFT: Stop, Investigate the source, Find better coverage, Trace claims, quotes and media to the original context

Asked & Answered

Steve Lindsay and Ira Hyman’s advice regarding asking and responding to questions about research presentations.


Steve Lindsay is Grand Poo-bah Mother Hen of NOWCAM, and the Exalted Order of the Group of 7 ±2 consists of Deb Connolly (SFU), Daniel Bernstein (KPU), Ira Hyman (WWU), Ryan Fitzgerald (SFU), Daniela Palombo (UBC), and Heather Price (TRU)


NOWCAM co-founders Don Read and Mike Masson and long-time stalwart Peter Graf are Exalted Emeriti.


Inspired by NOWCAM, KiwiCAM is a student-oriented conference for cognitive types in New Zealand.

KiwiCAM began in 2012 and has been held annually ever since.


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