The use of Generative AI (GenAI) tools such as ChatGPT in the classroom

You may be curious as to whether you can use ChatGPT or other Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) tools in the classroom and to what extent. There are some strengths and weaknesses in GenAI tools. Below are some FAQs regarding usage of GenAI at UVic.

What is GenAI?

Generative AI (GenAI) is a form of machine learning with the capabilities of producing text, images, videos, music, code, and more. As it has become an increasingly powerful and efficient tool used in many different areas, its use has become a popular topic of discussion in post-secondary education as there are some ethical issues and potential breaches to academic integrity, if used incorrectly.

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What is UVic’s position on using GenAI?

The University of Victoria encourages innovative teaching practices and supports instructors who may like to adopt new approaches to teaching and learning, which can include GenAI. UVic embraces the integration of GenAI tools into teaching and learning as long as it is done in a responsible and equitable manner. UVic does not allow instructors to use GenAI tools to grade students’ work.

Can I use GenAI for my schoolwork?

The decision to allow or permit the use of GenAI in courses will fall on your individual instructors. If GenAI tools are permitted, you can expect it to be clearly stated in the course syllabus. Instructors who integrate artificial intelligence into their courses are also encouraged to discuss the benefits, risks, and limitations of such tools with you. Reach out to your instructor if you are not clear on whether or how you can use GenAI in your coursework.

Additionally, if you choose to use GenAI tools and the instructor permits it in your class, you must acknowledge how you used the tool and cite appropriately. UVic recognizes that the un-cited or unauthorized use of GenAI in course work may constitute a violation of the university’s Academic Integrity policy.

Do I have to use GenAI if allowed in my coursework?

Absolutely not! You may have concerns regarding cost, security, equity and privacy of using a GenAI application. You are never required to use a technology that is not part of the UVic learning technology ecosystem. Instructors will offer alternative solutions if using GenAI in the course. 

Watch the presentation

Age of GenAI: AI literacy for students

Presenters: Christian Schmidt, Special Projects Librarian; Jiexing Hu, Learning Experience Designer, and Maryam Shirdel Pour, Learning Experience Designer, LTSI

What do I need to know to use GenAI tools appropriately and ethically?  

These new guidelines are available for review on Teach Anywhere, and are updated regularly as advancement with GenAI tools are made You are always strongly encouraged to take a critical approach to the use of any output from a GenAI, as these tools not only generate superficial, inaccurate, and unhelpful outputs, but they may also undermine the learning process.  

Please note:

If your instructor allows you to use GenAI in class, you will be required to share how you have used this technology to support your work in a way that aligns with the course outline provided.

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