Welcome to the CAC: UVic’s Academic Writing/Coaching Centre!

You are currently visiting our programming space. We also have a site hosted on the University of Victoria main website. You may also want to check out our spaces for Graduate Writing and Discipline-Specific Writing.

Visit us in the Library Learning Commons hallway, offices 135 i-m. We are here 9am to 4pm Sunday to Friday for booked and drop-in appts, with Saturday and evening appts online at peak times.

SPRING 2024 programs

Are you wondering where to get personalized help with academic communication and learning skills? We work with you one-on-one, offering advice on academic writing, reading, presentations, time management and more that you can apply to a variety of courses. Appointments are offered in person or online, through same-day written feedback or real-time Zoom appointments.  

Whether you’re getting started with your assignment and need help understanding the instructions and organizing your schedule, or you’ve completed your draft and want to refine it, we’re here to help!  

On this page you will find information about:

Student Appointments (available every day!)

Students can self-book up to three 25-minute appointments. For additional appointments, email the CAC manager. We offer tips and advice on the following: 

Writing skills Reading skills  Presentation skills Speaking skills Time management skills
Understand your assignment Read strategically Prepare to present Pronounce discipline-specific words Manage your time and set goals
Prewrite and plan Read for research Deliver your presentation Communicate in groups Reduce stress and concentrate
Draft, revise, and self-edit Think critically Pace your presentation Gain confidence Prepare for tests

English Conversation Café Plus: An opportunity for UVic students with English as an Additional Language

3 to 4 pm, Wednesdays | January 17 to April 3 | Centre for Academic Communication

Conversation Café:  practice listening, reading, and discussion skills; receive informal coaching on vocabulary use and pronunciation; and get tips for developing fluency and confidence.

No registration required.

Facilitated by Natalie Boldt, Kaveh Tagharobi, Madeline Walker, and Nancy Ami – email Nancy at cacmgr@uvic.ca for more information.

Grad writing room 

1 to 3 pm, Wednesdays | January 17 to April 3 | Centre for Academic Communication 

Writing Together: Bring your laptop or pen and paper. We’ll work on our individual writing projects alone, but we’ll be together for solidarity. CAC tutor available for consultation from 1 to 2pm. No registration required.

“Learn About…” individual workshops, by appointment

Need a grammar refresher? Make an appointment for an individual “Learn About…” workshop  on the following topics:

  • Pronouns & agreement: Discuss sentences like “Each struggle/struggles with their/his/her agreement.” (Nancy; cacmgr@uvic.ca)
  • That versus which, or is it whose? Create smooth connections when writing adjective clauses! (Madeline; caceal4@uvic.ca)
  • Active/passive voice: Get tips on strategic use of active/passive voice in your sentences. (Gillian; eal1@uvic.ca)
  • Commas, semicolons, and colons: Enrich your punctuation toolkit through humorous examples! (Emily; cacpc@uvic.ca)
  • “A” or “The”? That is the question! Get all your questions answered about nouns, articles, and more! (Kaveh; eal2@uvic.ca)

Workshops (all welcome!)  

Review Strategies for Final Exams Online 12 to 1pm, Wed., April 10

This one-hour workshop will discuss strategies for reducing test anxiety, tips for correctly answering multiple-choice questions, and tactics for crafting compelling short- and long-answer essays. Among other topics, this session will explore preparation strategies to optimize memory retention and recall, as well as time-management tricks for reviewing course materials.

To take part, join this Zoom link: https://uvic.zoom.us/j/97389771497

For more information about this workshop, please email Emily at cacpc@uvic.ca

Online Resources

We have resources available to you 24/7 on our CAC website, our Brightspace site, and our graduate student community blog:  

  • Visit our resources for text handouts and short videos on popular topics, such as defining your thesis, writing strong paragraphs, and becoming an effective reader.  
  • Our CAC Online Brightspace is self-enrolling—once you are signed into UVic Brightspace, go to “Discover” in the top menu and find “CAC online.” Once you are in the site, explore multi-modal material about all types of academic communication plus resources just for graduate students.  
  • Our Graduate Student Writer’s Community blog publishes posts about the graduate student experience, many by graduate students (please consider writing a blogpost for us!). Check out the Dissertation Writers’ Resource tab for articles on many aspects of writing a thesis (not just for PhD students).