The aim of our research is to link physiological studies on phytoplankton to larger marine phenomena. The long-term goal of our programme is to better understand the effects of unicellular algae on the earth’s biogeochemical cycles, marine ecosystem structure and global climate change over geological times. Some examples of past and current projects include:

  • Physico-chemical controls of primary productivity in Canadian Arctic waters from the NW Atlantic to the NE Pacific Oceans
  • Primary productivity and nutrient utilization by phytoplankton in Saanich Inlet, Queen Charlotte Sound and the Gulf of Alaska
  • Silicon dynamics and diatom productivity in the equatorial Pacific Ocean
  • Natural variations in silicon isotopes as a proxy of diatom production and silicon utilization in Arctic and sub-Arctic waters
  • Harmful algal bloom dynamics in a coastal lagoon
  • Silicon isotopic fractionation by cultured polar diatoms
  • Effect of nutrient and micronutrient limitation, and temperature on the utilization of nutrients in cultured phytoplankton
  • Optimization of phytoplankton cultures for carbon dioxide capture and maximum biomass yield for bio-fuel products
  • Marine silica dynamics in Arctic and Subarctic marine ecosystems
  • Phytoplankton bloom dynamics in the coastal Arctic Ocean
  • Effects of nutrient limitation on primary productivity
  • Pelagic primary productivity and nutrient dynamics in Saanich Inlet, a temperate fjord


Projects from Current Members of the Lab

Oceans of Biodiversity – linking autotrophic and heterotrophic euphotic zone microbial communities 

Ocean acidification effects on diatom production in Arctic, Subarctic and Subtropical waters

Production of transparent exopolymer particles in the NE Pacific

Functional traits of natural phytoplankton assemblages in the NE Pacific

Oceans of Biodiversity – protist diversity and fungal parasitism

Impacts of siliceous rhizaria on the global silicon cycle

Effects of climate change on coastal planktonic communities in Antarctic marine waters

Marine phytoplankton productivity and diversity – Canada C3

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