2023 was a strong competition year for the team. We passed technical inspection on the first try which put us in a competitive position to achieve our final score of 18th out of 120 teams, as well as being the top canadian team. With a new-to-us CBR6O0 RR engine and a nunber of redesigned parts, we completed all four dynamic events and placed second in our design bay, coming 12th overall in design.


Swapped 2019 suspension system to utilize front pushrods, redesigned wiring harness for additional sensors and durability. Placed 11th in the design presentation and 54th overall at the May Michigan competition.




Never Completed due to the COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns.


Complete ground up redesign. This included dropping to ageing CBR600F4i for the CBR600RR which was the basis engine for Moto2. The wheels went from 13″ to 10″ to reduce unsprung mass. Changed ECU to use the Link Thunder and Plex Tuning data logging system.



First of our cars to use carbon fiber suspension components. Major changes to the aerodynamics package were also made this year including a completely new diffuser.


Advancements in the aerodynamics package and the 3D printed steering wheel. Further weight reduction measures across the car.


Underwent weight reduction and the inclusion of powertrain components 3D printed by CRP USA using their proprietary materials.


The first year of our aerodynamics package. Used to improve cornering performance. Also used the LIfe Racing F88RX ECU for more advanced engine controls.