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Exploring issues relevant to law students and the law at large. 

Season 3 re-launches Stare Indecisis after a year-long covid-induced hiatus. Listen to this intro episode as we introduce ourselves to each other and to our audience—We Are Not Really Strangers style.

00:45 – Making podcasts for the people – Some context
03:15 – The Bachelor and Taylor Swift – Our podcast influences?
04:30 – Film school and Backstreet Boys? Our creative past
08:16 – Game rules – We Are Not Really Strangers
09:13 – Are law students all control freaks? – First impressions
13:30 – Banana loaf – How messy is my car?
15:57 – Just spend time with me – Guessing love languages
18:12 – Cul-de-sacs, farm town fun, and coming out
25:24 – Never be a lawyer! Why we chose the law
36:24 – Broken plans, mental health, new hobbies – Pandemic lessons
42:56 – Not regular law students – our TV obsessions

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