Courses We Teach

AGEI472 – Healthy Ageing (Robert Beringer)
AGEI473 – Chronic Disease and Ageing (Robert Beringer)
CYC 110 Introduction to Child and Youth Care (Doris Kakuru)
CYC 546 Human Change (Mandeep Kaur Mucina)
EPHE 144 Physical Literacy (Jean Buckler)
EPHE 351 Community and Population Health (Jean Buckler)
FRAN 410 Studies in Québec or French-Canadian Literature (Pierre-Luc Landry)
FRAN 426 Indigenous Literatures of Canada or the Francophone World (Pierre-Luc Landry)
FRAN 515 Studies in Québec or French-Canadian Literatures (Pierre-Luc Landry)
GMST 410 / HSTR 340 Special Topics: The Invention of Sexology in the German-Speaking World (Helga Thorson)
GNDR 100 Gender, Power, and Difference (Thea Cacchioni, Chase Joynt)
GNDR 200 Popular Culture and Social Media (Chase Joynt)
GNDR 204 Gender and Health: Power and Resistance (Thea Cacchioni)
GNDR 209 Families, Intimacies, and Nationhood (Thea Cacchioni)
GNDR 321 The Medicalization of Sex (Thea Cacchioni)
HLTH 251 Healthy Sexuality
HLTH350 – Introduction to Health Research (Robert Beringer)
HLTH352 Promoting Healthy Sexualities (Leah Tidey)
HSTR 327A Gender and Sexuality in Canada to 1920 (Lynne Marks)
HSTR 327B Gender and Sexuality in Canada 1920 – present (Lynne Marks)
HSTR 485A Gender, Sexuality, and the Body since 1800 (Lynne Marks)
HSTR 306 Sex and Power in American History (Rachel Hope Cleves)
HSTR 513 History of Gender, Sexuality, and the Body (Rachel Hope Cleves, Lynne Marks)
NUED 573 Nurse Educator Practice (Ingrid Handlovsky)
NURS 350 Promoting Community & Societal Health (Ingrid Handlovsky)
NURS 430 Professional Practice: Nurses Leading Change (Ingrid Handlovsky)
PHIL 239 Philosophy and Feminism (Audrey Yap)
PHIL 490 Advanced Topics in Philosophy (Audrey Yap intermittently)
PHIL 500 Topics in Philosophy (Audrey Yap intermittently)
PHSP503 – Public Health Practice I: Population Health and Health Promotion (Robert Beringer)
PSYC 336 Adolescent Development (Bonnie Leadbeater)
SOCI 281 – Sociology of Genders (Katelin Albert)
SOCI 285 – Sociology of Health over the Life Course (Katelin Albert)
SOCI 382 Sociology of Sexualities (Aaron Devor)
SOCI 432 – Issues in Health and Aging (Katelin Albert; Course Focus: Gender, Racialization, Health, and Medicine)
SOCI 435 Issues in Trans Communities (Aaron Devor)
SOCI 503 – Foundations of Sociological Explanation (Katelin Albert)
SOCW 400 Introduction to Social Work in the Health Care Sector (Cindy Holmes)
SOCW 319 Research for Social Change (Cindy Holmes)
SOCW 312 Collaborative Conversations: Working within Communities (Cindy Holmes)
SOCW 549 Research Foundations (Cindy Holmes)
SOCW 516 Research Methodologies (Cindy Holmes)


Past Courses:
2020 GNDR 344 Queer Film (Chase Joynt)
2018 FRAN 506 Les Genres de l’anatomie (Hélène Cazes)
2015 FRAN 430 Liberté, Égalité, Humanité (Femmes et Féminisme) (Hélène Cazes)