I am extremely interested in mathematics education, both at the postsecondary level and throughout students’ earlier school years.

As the Outreach Program Coordinator for UVic’s student chapter of the Association for Women in Math, I organized and ran a summer camp and seminar series in 2022/23 for high school girls: IMAGINING UVic. This program will continue to run in alternating years. 

I have organized math clubs at both South Island Distance Education School in Victoria and Stelly’s Secondary School in Saanichton. These clubs were aimed at preparing students between the ages of 10 and 18 for the University of Waterloo CEMC Math Contests. During these sessions, I delivered a short lesson introducing a new mathematical concept beyond what is covered in the standard curriculum, and then worked with the students to help them develop their problem solving techniques and mathematical intuition.

At UVic, I taught a week of lectures for a first year math course in November 2021, and one lecture for a third year math course in September 2022. I have also previously worked as a teaching assistant at the University of Victoria, both in the online Math and Stats Assistance Centre, where I tutored first and second year undergraduate students in math courses ranging from Calculus to Combinatorics to Algebra, and as a tutorial leader for a first year Calculus course.

Outside of the world of mathematics, I am a certified climbing gym instructor (level I and II), and have previously worked for School District 63 as a coach for the Stelly’s Secondary School Climbing Academy, as well as for the Boulders Climbing Gym as both a summer camp leader and an introductory belay instructor.

More information regarding my teaching experience can be found on my detailed CV.