April 12, 2024 | CTV via UVic News

On Saturday April 13, the Bay Centre was flooded with middle and high school aged children participating in Kidovate, an entrepreneurial program for kids run by the Gustavson School of Business.

The Kidovate Youth Entrepreneurship Program allows for children to gain experience in starting a small business by providing them with materials and guidance to help them start small businesses. Parts of the program include the participants getting a graphic novel that walks them through the steps of starting a business, and a spot in the market to get the chance to sell their products. The program also offers participants the opportunity for mentorship by students from the Gustavson School of Business.

In an interview with CTV, Claudia Smith, the co-founder of Kidovate explained that Canada is seeing half as many entrepreneurs now, than we did twenty years ago, which is why programs that encourage youth to start thinking like entrepreneurs are extremely important.

Dr. Smith is also an associate professor at the Gustavson School of Business, where she teaches courses for BCom and diploma students. Her areas of expertise include but are not limited to entrepreneurship, public relations, marketing, and strategic planning. She is also on the board of the  International Small Business Journal and the Journal of Alternative Finance.

If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Claudia Smith’s work, we encourage you to check out her author page on our institutional repository, UVicSpace! Or, if you are interested in reading more about works related to entrepreneurship, try searching for “entrepreneurs” in the browse by subject option!