Do I need design skills or rocketry experience to join the team?

Not at all! Our only prerequisite to joining is interest in the team and what we do. Even our most experienced members barely knew anything about rocketry when they joined.
If you’re ready to learn, our more seasoned members are happy to get you set up with a project to help you develop new skills and contribute to building rockets. Or, if you prefer, you’re also welcome to sit back, attend meetings, and get used to the rocketry lingo until you feel comfortable enough to start taking on projects.

Do I need to study engineering to participate?

Nope!  Being in engineering can help if you’re interested in participating in the analytical side of things, but we do plenty of activities and projects based in hands-on learning, general rocketry knowledge, and creativity that don’t require an engineering background.  For instance, our aerostructure team’s composite layups are a group manufacturing activity that is a perfect opportunity to actively learn about what goes into building a rocket.  Our business, outreach, and media team members also learn a great deal about everything in our rockets so they can accurately represent the team in social media posts and at networking and community outreach events.

Can I join even if I don't know what division I like yet?

Totally!  There are no restrictions on how many subsystems you can participate in – some of our most helpful members have been those that participated in multiple subsystems during their time on the team.  Take a look at the division descriptions, and feel free to attend as many meetings as you like until you find a subsystem (or two, or three!) that vibes with you.

If you’re interested in learning lots about everything in our rockets but aren’t sure if you want to fully commit to any technical subsystems, consider joining a support division, too!  Our Business and Outreach team members often need to be very familiar with our rockets and current projects, especially when representing the team at outreach and networking events.

Can UVic graduate students and alumni join?

Yes!  (Although as an undergraduate club, the majority of our members must be undergraduate students, but that still leaves room for the occasional graduate student or alumnus rocketry fan.)  

My child is really keen on rocketry! Could they come visit?

We love inspiring young rocketeers! Our Outreach team can arrange to partner with local science teachers or groups to set up tours of our space or bring special rocketry topics right to your child’s classroom!

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Send us a message if you’d like to get involved!  No experience necessary – our only prerequisite is interest in the team and what we do. Let us know what you’re studying and what you’re interesting in doing and we’ll get you started with the team!

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