About Our Study

Our study aimed to develop new methods of including patient-generated data in a team-based care clinic. Examples of patient-generated data include ones’ experience with their care teams, and measures on quality of life. We are specifically looked at how measures for mental health can be integrated into personal health technologies to support care decisions and communication. 

Our methods involved creating a set of scenarios to show how patient-generated data may inform and enhance primary care quality. The scenarios demonstrate how one can collect, integrate and use patient-generated mental health data to enhance team performance in supporting patients as active partners in their care and improving primary care access. 

Our specific objectives were to (a) develop patient-centred measurement (PCM) methods based on patient experience with team-based care; (b) apply PCM methods by using different forms of data which is generated by patients; (c) create scenarios as to how this data can be used by a care team; and (d) create an online resource of the patient-centred measurement methods and scenarios.