Apply to the field school



NOTE ! We Will NOT be offering the field school in 2023 (we need a year off:)

The below information is about the now completed 2022 UVic Archaeology Field School


To apply, please download and fill in these two pdf documents. If you are not currently a UVic student please visit this link for additional information.

1) UVic-Application-Form_FS_2022 asking general questions

2) HECAapp_2022 asking for more specific information about your interests and background

 Please email both forms to with your last name in the file when complete.

March 10: Application deadline for students apply to the full field school (ANTH 343 & 344).

March 15: UVic Anthropology Department notifies applicants of their acceptance and will forward additional information about course deposits and waivers and the UVic Social Sciences Student Support Fund (see below).

March 31: Accepted students need to pay their deposit and sign waivers to hold their place in the course —> both to the UVic Anthropology Department by cheque and to the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre.

Costs and Fees:

This field school is two separate university courses (ANTH 343 & 344). Costs for running the course includes fees to enable us to conduct this cooperative project. Total Fees (not including tuition) are variously paid to the UVic Department of Anthropology ($1,100 for UVic Students and $1,400 for Non-UVic students) and the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre ($1750). Your deposit is part of these fees (instructions will be provided with acceptance).

To help offset these fees, consider applying to the following awards

  1. Apply to the NEW ANTH Barkley Sound Field School Award to be considered for $1,000 in scholarship support based on demonstrating financial need.
  2. UVic Social Sciences Student Support Fund. All students will be considered for this support immediately after your application has been reviewed and accepted.
  3. UVic Strategic Framework Experiential Learning Fund (SF-ELF) for travel awards for field schools outside Victoria. Please download and fill out the attached PDF after you have been accepted into and registered for the field school: experiential-learning-fund-application-package
  4. Other financial support may be available at your home department, university, and or non-profit professional organizations such as

For more info (such as how to apply as a non-UVic student), please visit the Department of Anthropology’s Barkley Sound field school page to and then get in touch with Jindra Bélanger in the Anthropology office at UVic. To ask questions about the course setting and Bamfield in general, feel free to contact one of the BMSC ambassadors at UVic by email.

An image of where we normally plan to be.