Experimental Facilities (Click to see photos)
  1. Static triaxial shear apparatus: elastic modulus, cohesion, friction angle, stress-strain curves, and hydraulic conductivity
  2. Cyclic triaxial shear apparatus: cyclic stress and strain behavior, shear modulus, damping ratio, soil liquefaction, and resilient modulus.
  3. Unconfined compression strength (UCS) Test
  4. Static simple direct shear apparatus
  5. California bearing ratio (CBR) test
  6. Oedometer: consolidation test
  7. Freeze-thaw test: (size 750mm x 750 mm x750 mm, temperature range: -20 to 60oC ): test Geosynthetics-unreinforced/reinforced soils, impose one-dimensional heat transfer, can monitor frost heave and changes in moisture migration, strain, and temperature in soils/geosynthetics
  8. Plate loading test: (box size 750mm x 750 mm x750 mm, plate size=150 mm, loading: static and dynamic): test Geosynthetics-unreinforced/reinforced soils, impose static or cyclic loading, can monitor settlement, bearing pressure after freeze-thaw cycles, and strain in the geosynthetics.
  9. Surface and internal erosion
  10. Silverson high-speed shear mixer: mixing, emulsifying, homogenizing, disintegrating and dissolving, e.g. disperse and exfoliate nanotubes and graphene.
  11. XRD and SEM: located in CAMTEC
  12. Novel curing box for stabilized soil: spread the moisture uniformly and allow changing the curing temperature from 20 to 40 Celsius degree
  13. Sieve analyses: grain size distribution
  14. Soil compaction: optimum moisture content, maximum dry density
  15. Atterberg limits
  16. Water contents
  17. Specific gravity
Numerical TOOLS
  1. Plaxis 2D/3D: continuum finite element analysis
  2. Abaqus 2D/3D: continuum finite element analysis
  3. Integrated Analysis Program (IAP): integrated analyses of superstructure and foundation using STAAD.PRO and in-house subroutine developed by our team
  4. Analyses of single piles and pile groups under scour conditions: considering scour-hole dimensions and including the API and FHWA specifications, Matlab codes developed by Linlab (request via chenglin918@uvic.ca )
  5. AmRetain: sheet pile analysis and design