Why Equity, Anti-Racism and Sustainability

Sustainability, equity, and anti-racism are critical knowledge and skills for the next generation of civil engineers to work on our most pressing social and environmental problems. As a student, explore how and why we embed sustainability, equity, and anti-racism throughout your whole undergraduate program.

Identify how sustainability challenges and environmental racism interrelate and relate to civil engineering.

Analyze , describe, and incorporate sustainability science, equity, and environmental justice into the design process.

Develop skills to consistently improve personal and organizational practices for sustainability and EDI.

Environmental justice, anti-racism and EDI are important concepts for engineers technically, professionally and ethically which can be visualized by this bridge:

“Engineers are required to take a wider perspective including goals such as poverty alleviation, social justice and local and global connections.” (Engineers Canada, 2016)

Values to be considered include social concerns related to environmental impact along with traditional and cultural values including First Nations where applicable.

Engineering code of ethics consistent with environmental justice

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Engineers Canada guidelines consistent with environmental justice

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