Selected Text Interviews

2021 Drug-testing centre opens on heels of deadliest February in B.C.’s opioid crisis

2021 Free street drug testing site opens in Victoria storefront

2021 Anxiety drug increasingly found in opioid supply of overdose victims

2020 How better toxic drug alerts could save lives

2020 Deadlier drug mix deepens crisis; naloxone not effective against new substances

2020 Province-sanctioned safe supply not enough to get some B.C. addicts off fentanyl-laced street drugs

2019 BC-Yukon Association of Drug War Survivors calls for heroin buyer clubs

2019 Drug checking takes on elevated role as illicit fentanyl sweeps country and fuels surge in overdose deaths

2019 B.C. overdose-prevention sites should be template for other governments, researchers say

2019 Growing calls to put teeth into B.C. health-care coverage

2016 Washrooms top choice for drug use in Victoria, study finds

2016 Drug users increasingly turning to B.C. social-service site bathrooms

2016 Victoria demands supervised consumption sites after rash of overdose deaths

2016 Don’t shut down ‘Tent city,’ letter argues, fix the problems that caused it

2016 Supervised injection site planned for Victoria — with or without feds’ OK