Neilesh Bose

Associate Professor & Canada Research Chair

Department of History

University of Victoria

Works in Progress

Religion before Gandhi: Meanings and Ends of Religion in Nineteenth Century India, book project.

Lands of Liberty, Countries of License: The Life and Times of Taraknath Das, 1884 – 1958, book project


2022. India after World History: Literature, Comparison, and Approaches to Globalization. Leiden: Leiden University Press. Indian edition. Delhi: Manohar, 2023. New Books Network Interview by Gargi Bijnu, 29 September 2022

2020. South Asian Migrations in Global History: Labor, Law, and Wayward Lives. London: Bloomsbury.
Reviews: H-Soz-Kult, by Shompa Lahiri, posted 30 April 2021, South Asian Diaspora, by Rumya Putcha, posted 13 October 2022, South Asian History and Culture, by Supurna Banerjee, posted 3 July 2023, South Asian Review, by Pallavi Raghavan, posted 14 July 2023, Indian Economic and Social History Review, by Uditi Sen, posted 22 November 2023,

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Special Sections Edited

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Journal Articles

2023. “Introduction: Roundtable on Religion as Polity Formation: Revisiting Modern Religion in Imperial IndiaJournal of the American Academy of Religion, posted 11 November 2023

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Book Chapters

2024. “Vernaculars across Texts: Modern Islam and Modern Literature in Bengal” in Language Ideologies and the Vernacular in Colonial and Postcolonial South Asia, edited by Nishat Zaidi and Hans Harder, forthcoming. Delhi: Routledge India.

2022. “Taraknath Das: Race and Citizenship between India and the U.S.A,” in The United States and South Asia from the Age of Empire to Decolonization, edited by Nico Slate and Harald Fischer-Tine, 141 – 162. Leiden: Leiden University Press.

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Reviews, Review Essays, and Interviews

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