Experiential Learning


Research & Fellowships

You can get involved in lots of research-enriched learning experiences, from working with a professor to developing your own research project outside the classroom and publishing your work. There is also an opportunity to be awarded a fellowship to enhance learning and teaching at the University.


Teaching Opportunities

There are often opportunities for graduate students, and sometimes undergraduate students, to apply for Teaching Assistant (TA) positions. TAs have different responsibilities across faculties and departments. There are many mentorship opportunities available, and TAs acquire a whole set of professional skills.

Co-op Program

Through co-operative education (co-op), you can alternate terms in class with paid co-op work terms in jobs related to your field of study.

Career Help

Looking for career help? Career Services is here to help you succeed at work during your time at UVic and beyond. We run workshops and programs, offer in-person support and provide many online resources.

Community-Engaged Learning

You can enhance your learning experiences through real-life projects that directly relate to your studies and make a vital impact through contributing your skills, enthusiasm and knowledge to community endeavours.

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