Integrity in Practice

We have developed a self-paced tutorial to help you put academic integrity into practice. Each unit explores a current academic integrity challenge you might face as a student at UVic.

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Contract Cheating Awareness

In this unit, you will explore the meaning and pitfalls of contract cheating. It is important to know about contract cheating because it can jeopardize the value of the work you do and have other negative consequences for your academic journey and beyond. Knowing a little more about this topic will hopefully empower you to recognize (and take action) when you are at risk of being targeted or harassed by a contract cheating company and make ethical decisions about your coursework.

What are the learning outcomes?

As  you work through this unit, you will:

  • Define contract cheating
  • Differentiate contract cheating from other threats to academic integrity
  • Evaluate if you are the target of contract cheating advertisements and marketing
  • Reflect on contract cheating risks
  • Propose an action plan with strategies to prevent contract cheating


Before beginning this tutorial, we recommend completing the Integrity Matters tutorial for a brief introduction to academic integrity.

Who should complete this tutorial?

This tutorial is useful for all students at UVic. We created the tutorial for undergraduate students, but graduate students are welcome to join.

How do I get help?

If you have questions about the information in this tutorial, contact the Centre for Academic Communication (CAC).

If you are experiencing barriers to learning in this course, please contact the LTSI main office to let us know so we can fix the issue. We are actively committed to increasing the accessibility, usability, diversity, and inclusivity of our course. We are always looking for ways to make our content more accessible and equitable. Adapted from the BC Campus Sample Accessibility Statement and the Bates University Sample Syllabus Accessibility Statement.

If you need technical assistance, please contact the Computer Help Desk. Email: | Phone: 250-721-7687 | Website

How do I get started?

Start the tutorial by completing the Contract Cheating Awareness unit. Other units are coming soon!


Integrity in Practice would not have been possible without the dedication of a diverse project team who came together to create an accessible resource to develop UVic students’ academic integrity literacy and awareness about its threats.

Module Creators

  • Rebecca Edwards (she/her)
    Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Coordinator
  • Thiago Hinkel (he/him)
    Learning Experience Designer
  • Sierra Junger
    Communications Assistant
  • Viviana Pitton, PhD (she/her)
    Director of Curriculum Renewal and Strategic Initiatives
  • Hannah Rose, MSc (she/her)
    Strategic Projects and Communications Coordinator


  • Alycia Garcia
    Graduate Student
  • Kaveh Tagharobi, MA (he/him)
    EAL Specialist
  • Madeline Walker (she/her)
    EAL Specialist
  • Medha Yadav
    Work Study Student
  • Cara Segger (she/her)
    Senior Project Manager, University Systems
  • Michael Moore (they/them)
    Screen Reader Tester, University Systems


All course content and materials are available for educational purposes and for the exclusive use of students registered in this course. The material is protected under copyright law, even if not marked with a ©.  Any further use or distribution of materials to others requires written permission, except under fair dealing or another exception in the Copyright Act. Violations may result in disciplinary action under the Resolution of Non-Academic Misconduct Allegations policy (AC1300).

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