Eating the Elephant: How to stay motivated and plan your time effectively

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During midterm season, lots of students start feeling burnt out or have a hard time staying focused. One quick tip for improving motivation and concentration is called “eating the elephant.

How to create manageable goals

If you find that you have trouble getting started or are easily distracted, you might consider setting smaller more manageable goals for yourself.

Try breaking down large projects and assignments into simple straightforward tasks that you can reasonably complete in under 30 minutes. Then give yourself an hour to complete those 30-minute tasks.

Once completed, give yourself a reward to celebrate. Hopefully, this approach will allow you to eat an entire elephant “one bite at a time.”

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Contact a CAC Academic Coach to discuss time-management, goal-setting, motivation and stress-reduction strategies.

If you are needing additional support, UVic has several virtual services for students offered through University of Victoria Student Support Services.

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