Echo 360 Student Guide

We are pleased to announce that UVic has a new video-platform, Echo360, for in-person, online, blended and multi-access learning and teaching. Echo360 will be the primary video platform for creating class recordings and media.

What is Echo360?

Echo360 is a video platform with tools for student engagement. Accessed through Brightspace, it will enable instructors to create and share videos, record in-person and online lectures and engage students with Q&A and polls before, during and after class.

Echo360 has a strong record as a reliable and effective video-platform geared towards to learning and teaching needs. We anticipate it will provide much improved performance.

Accessing Echo360 for the first time in your course? Please make sure to check this post out!

Getting Started

Echo360 can be accessed right within Brightspace:

Joining a Livestreamed Class

For Instructors, teaching a class that is being live-streamed should be the same as teaching one that is being recorded, except that there may be fewer students IN the classroom because they can watch remotely.

Watching a live class is nearly the same experience as a pre-recorded (or video on demand) class, regardless of your role.

Participating in Class Discussions

In Echo360, you can ask and answer question about your videos and presentations. It’s a good idea to ask your instructor how they expect you to make use of the these tools. Here are some useful links on participating in class discussions: 

Bookmarking, Taking Notes, Confusion Flags

When video is posted in your Echo360 class, you can take notes, bookmark content, and flag content as confusion for the instructor. 


Creating your own videos and video assignments

You may want to upload a video or upload a presentation to your library to edit it or to hold it until you are ready to publish it to a class or share it with another user or submit it for a homework assignment.


More about using the Mobile App

Echo360 has a mobile app you can use to see class videos and presentations, and participate class Q&A, notes/study guide, and polls.  

  • Use your preferred email when signing into the app  
  • You must create a password for the app. Do NOT use your UVIC passphrase.   
  • If your instructor has synced Echo360 to the Brightspace gradebook, you must still click on each Echo360 link from EACH Brightspace course using a regular browser. This will allow your grade(s) to appear in Brightspace. 


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