On December 5th 2022, Xwuqlw’selu Connections held a small hybrid (online and in-person at the HUB) workshop for folks involved in the Water Sustainability Planning work to learn more about how our project might support and connect to their future plans. We are so grateful to those who were present for bringing in their listening ear, curiosity, varied experience, and a keen interest in learning and engaging with the Xwuqlw’selu Connections project. In part, we asked: How might we honour our relations to the Xwulqw’selu watershed through working together?

In conversation, we heard that:

  • Xwulqw’selu Connections provides knowledge about the health and function of the watershed that is technical, legitimate, and neutral.  
  • Xwulqw’selu Connections has the capacity to engage with the public to build trust and work in service of making knowledge about the watershed accessible.  
  • Xwulqw’selu Connections could engage with the WSP process in workstreams, sketching and decision-making processes.  
  • The Water Sustainability Planning can add usefulness, scenarios, and practical opportunities to the research being led by Xwulqw’selu Connections. 
  • The Water Sustainability Planning recognizes existing community engagement and research agreement. These qualities show that Xwulqw’selu Connections is a good example of a research group who can work with the Water Sustainability Planning.    

The meeting was a wonderful exploration of the types of engagement such a research project could have with such a planning process – and we built some necessary connections to engage in this way together!

You can learn more about what was shared at the workshop in video format below. Huy ch q’u siem