Looking ahead to fall 2023

I am looking forward to teaching SOCI 535 this fall, Current Issues in Ecology, Global Sociology and Social Movements. The course will be centred upon critical social-scientific analysis of the climate crisis as it has developed within capitalist civilization. Our readings and discussions will emphasize political-economic, political-ecological and environmental-sociological readings of the crisis, centred upon historical materialism as an overarching theoretical perspective. We will unpack this complex phenomenon by looking into critical analyses of three interlaced dynamics: the global accumulation of capital, the struggle for hegemony, and the relations and practices of imperialism/colonialism. The trajectory of the course will extend from identifying and probing the problem of capitalism and climate breakdown to appraising proposed solutions and their advocates, including mainstream approaches now on centre stage and radical approaches such as ecosocialism and buen vivir, as advocated by green-left and Indigenous movements.