About Victoria Resists

Victoria Resists is a project by three University of Victoria students for “A City at War: Putting Victoria’s History on the Internet”, a class focusing on evaluating the web as a place to publish historical writing in order to reach a broader audience and exploring the issues and problems that go along with that broader audience and new platform.  This site in particular aims to collect the history of resistance to the First World War in Victoria as part of a larger collection of websites about the broader effects of the war on Victoria.

Hanna B. Hanna Baird-Herron: Siberian Expedition

Contact info: hannab@uvic.ca

Hanna is a History Major studying at the University of Victoria in her third year.  Her interests include Alaskan Malamutes, Ballet, the Vancouver Canucks, and travel.


MikeMike Ross: Ginger Goodwin

Contact info: mpar@uvic.ca

Mike studies History at the University of Victoria. His interests centre around photography, making and listening to music and exploring the expansive canon of English-speaking literature.


AdrienneAdrienne Shepherd: Society of Friends

Contact info: shepherdadrienne@gmail.com

Adrienne studies History at the University of Victoria. Her interests include rugby, cooking, and her dog.