The Fresh Labourer of Victoria

Now this is a story all about how the Labour Movement got gutsy,
striking up and down the coast of BC,
but contain your euphoria,
We’re condensing the view to the city of Victoria.

In Western Canada, born and raised,
in industries is where labourers spent most of their days.
Wakin’ up early, and sweatin’ from stress
tryin’ to support their families throughout their duress.

When a couple of countries, which were up to no good,
started making trouble in Euro-neighbourhoods.
There was one assassination, and Britain took a chance,
and said: “You’re going to go fight for King and Country in France.”

Now through the war, working conditions got worse
And often times, the only car they’d see was a hearse.
If anything, worker’s arbitration was rare,
and the government was timid from the Bolshevik scare.

It resulted in the General Strike of 1919
where workers yelled “yo, feds, stop being so mean!”
The ending was, really, underwhelming at best,
But you should read further to learn aboot the rest.

– Rachel Bannister