What is the car powered by?

Our combustion vehicle is powered by a Honda CBR 600 RR motorcycle engine producing approximately 60hp.

Our electric vehicle uses a single 3-phase AC motor that is competition limited to 80kW or 107hp.

What is the car made of? How much does it weigh?

The frame is made of 4130 chromoly steel space frame tubing. Where as the body panels and aerodynamic features are made of carbon fibre. In total the car weighs 466lbs with driver.

How fast can the car go?

The top speed of the car is 160km/h but this speed is limited for competition reasons due to aerodynamic drag and final drive gearing. 

What’s the 0-100km/h?

A little over 4 seconds. Our competition has an acceleration event that is a 75m sprint which we do in approximately 4.4 seconds.

Do you race the car?

The car is built to compete at an engineering design competition at the Michigan International Speedway. At the competition the team is awarded points in static events (design, cost, and business) and dynamic events (acceleration, skidpad, autocross, and endurance).

What parts of the car are made by the team?

We estimate that approximately 95% of the car is made by us. Some smaller parts are bought off the shelf but the majority of it is engineered, designed and manufactured by the team. Some of the more complicated machined components are made by our sponsors.

How many people are working on the project?

There are currently approximately 60 students working on the team.

What is your budget? How is the team funded?

Our team operates mostly through in-kind sponsorships with local and international businesses. In recent years a large portion of funding has come from the CEWIL organization and the ECE department has given significant cash to the EV team. The rest is funded through grants and cost efficiency through clever engineering.

Does the big rear wing really do anything?

Yes, the entire aero package produces about 112lbs of downforce which increases the force on the tires. This added force allows us to reach peak lateral acceleration of 2g.

How much experience do I need to join?

No experience is required to join the team with either car.