Little Man in a Hat

Little Man on the scandeck

Having seen what he could do with the scans we did of his textured paintings, artist Shawn Shepherd came back to us late last summer with another request.

He had a little man in a hat – kind of a businessman/salaryman/everyman that he wanted to manipulate into larger size sculptures. It had been the top of a trophy and my first question was, “Is it shiny?”  It was, but he was happy to spray paint it with matte base coat to make the scanning easier.

Such a small piece took very little time and was easily snuck into the workflow between other projects and I largely forgot about it until I heard he was scheduled for his MFA thesis defense this month. His final installation included several of the little men printed in larger sizes and manipulated as part of the overall theme of the show. The little man featured on the handbill for the show.

While I missed the opening party and the defense itself, I did go to see the show and talk to Shawn about the pieces. I was kindly named among those he  acknowledged for their contributions and it was very gratifying to see a tangible result from the digital information we captured.