Good Company with Shelagh Rogers

Two things remain true during this pandemic. We like making things. And Shelagh Rogers, our Chancellor, is awesome. Put those two things together and you get Good Company. In this new show, Shelagh chats with some of her friends at UVic about… pretty much everything.

Thursday, July 16

In our latest episode, renowned Cree Metis poet and UVic prof Gregory Scofield explores the connection between language, storytelling and beadwork. 

Thursday, July 2

In this episode, CHEK News anchor and fine arts alum Stacy Ross joins Shelagh to discuss local news broadcasting and the importance of community during COVID-19. 

Thursday, June 11

On this episode, Shelagh Rogers chats with neuroscientist Paul Zehr. Paul is a UVic professor and the Director of the Centre for Biomedical Research. He is the author of several popular science books including Becoming Batman: The Possibility of a Superhero

Thursday, May 28

In this episode, Shelagh chats with Carey Newman about reconciliation and creating art that makes people consider themselves differently. Carey is a UVic Audain Professor, multi-disciplinary Indigenous artist, master carver, filmmaker, author and public speaker.


Thursday, May 14

Check out the first episode where Shelagh talked with Lorna Crozier about poetry and art in the age of COVID-19.

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