Co-op + Career show their creative edge

ARBUTUS | 2012 | MIXED TEXTILES ON CANVAS | 24" x 48" by Joy Poliquin, Communications Officer. This piece was created when I was expecting my first little one. It is made of yarn, cardboard, cotton and ribbon.

ARBUTUS | 2012 | MIXED TEXTILES ON CANVAS | 24″ x 48″ by Joy Poliquin, Communications Officer.

Like most of us, the staff at Co-op and Career Services have been looking for new ways to connect with each other since the pandemic began. Zoom meetings and Skype calls can only go so far. So they created an online art gallery to explore and share with one another.

The Creative Edge Art and Craft Exhibition is an annual event that has gone virtual this year. It features the art and craft works of Co-op and Career Services team members. The selected pieces represent the importance of modeling creativity while building community.

“We inspire others when we share our own joy and excitement for our work,” say the organizers.

The exhibition runs online July 2 to August 31, 2020. Visit the online gallery.

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