Build your own bike adventure

silhouette of a woman on a bike against sunset

Summer vacations will look a little different this year. Most of us are scrapping travel plans and opting for activities closer to home. But it’s hard to find new things to do in your home town.

Cue Keshia Palm—a UVic theatre alum with an innovative new project that lets you experience your town in new ways.

Make Me an Alleycat is a sort of build-your-own adventure for cyclists. It’s a way to connect with your friends, get some exercise and see your home-town streets through new eyes.

Recruit up to 10 friends and get them to pick a spot in your city or town. Ask them to record a short audio clip explaining why they chose that spot—maybe it’s a childhood home, a pretty garden or the location of a first kiss. Send the clips to Keshia and she’ll create a Google map and playlist. Now it’s time to strap on the bike helmet and get exploring!

Check it out: Make me an Alleycat

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