Challenge Crisis with Creativity

Creative expression heals, and sharing it with others connects. Ashley Riddett, an art history and visual studies graduate student at UVic, wants to help you do both.

In collaboration with the Gage Gallery Artists Collective, Ashley has launched the new Challenge Crisis with Creativity project. She invites you to draw, paint, doodle, sculpt or write a poem at home about what you’re experiencing these days. Email an image of your work, along with your name and a short description to Ashley, and it might get posted on the Gage Gallery site!

Image of United we stand (6 feet apart) by Tanya Bub

United We Stand (6feet apart) by Tanya Bub

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4 Responses

  1. Carol Howard says:

    A great idea! I did something similar and received some amazing pieces!

    I look forward to seeing what everyone creates!

  2. Carmen says:

    Is there a deadline for this?

    • Nicholas Clewley says:

      Hi Carmen, there’s no deadline. They’ll be accepting submissions for as long as the project continues.

  3. ERLA says:

    Great Idea.

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