UVic Bounce

Now, more than ever, students are feeling stressed and anxious. The UVic Bounce project can help.

Led by English professor Rebecca Gagan, the project changes the way we talk to students about the struggles they face. Rebecca says that if we create a community of support, we can help students before they become overwhelmed, and build positive coping skills that will change the course of their academic journey.

UVic Bounce includes videos where alumni and faculty speak openly about their successes and failures during their time at university. Students will see that their own struggles and failures are an important part of their learning experience.

Check out their fantastic suite of videos and learn a bit more about the project.

UVic alumnus Ali Blythe poses for the camera

UVic alumnus Ali Blythe, a subject of one Bounce video, says it takes time to be who you want to be, and encourages students to “look for things that make you feel like yourself.”

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